Privacy Policy

At BNTECH, your security and privacy is very important to us. We take the following steps to protect your personal information:

Personal Information

BNTECH LTD collects basic contact information when you purchase a product or fill in a contact form. When you submit personal information to BNTECH LTD, you understand and agree that BNTECH LTD and its affiliates and trusted vendors may transfer, store, and process your customer profile in any of the countries in which BNTECH LTD and its affiliates maintain offices, including without limitation the United States.

BNTECH LTD recognizes and appreciates the importance of responsible use of this information. If you do not want to receive e-mails from BNTECH LTD informing you of other products and special offers, and you indicate this preference when you provide the information to BNTECH LTD, your request will be honored.

Fees, Payment and Records

The Client makes a non-refundable Preliminary Payment via PayPal.

Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

The subscription to and use of the Service is subject to the General Terms and Conditions which BNTech LTD reserves the right to modify at any time, the modifications taking effect, where applicable, at the time of their publication on the Site. Full and complete acceptance without reserve is deemed given when the box “I accept the General Terms and Conditions” is checked at the moment of setting up the account. If this box is not checked, the User hereby accepts that it is not possible to use the software. Users are informed that the subscription to the service is exclusively reserved for professionals within the meaning of consumer law and declare that they are acting in this capacity.

Subscription to the Service

Subscription to the Service requires the previous or simultaneous setting up of an account, in accordance with the procedure provided for to this end on the Site. Access to the Service is subject in particular to the User supplying his/her full name and address, and an e-mail address that will be validated in accordance with the online procedure. Access to the Service is free-of-charge apart from the purchase of Chargeable Options. The user undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of his/her user name and related password to enable access to the Back-Office. All connections to the Service by means of a user name and password are deemed to have been made by the User.

Minimum Configuration requirement

Use of the Service requires access to internet compliance with the Configuration Requirements. As these Configuration Requirements are not included in the Service, Users must personally obtain such access from an appropriate operator chosen at their own discretion and responsibility. Users declare that they have understood and accepted these configuration requirements and to comply therewith. BNTech LTD accepts no responsibility, and shall be under no obligation to make a refund, in the event that the Service fails to function or malfunctions as a result of the lack of internet connectivity or the failure to comply with the Configuration Requirements.

Intellectual Property

Use of the Service constitutes no transfer of intellectual property to the benefit of the other Party. Consequently, the User undertakes not to infringe in any manner the intellectual property rights of BNTECH LTD, particularly with regard to the software for which BNTECH LTD enjoys intellectual property.

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