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"B N TECH" Ltd was founded with the idea to spread innovation across the world.

for bntech:

Our mission is to provide our customers with the upcoming technology trends today, thus, enabling them to compete in the ever changing market environment.

Generating stable growth, profitability and consistent business results is at the top of our priorities. We are constantly seeking new paths to development, utilizing our potential to the maximum and delivering superior shareholder value and stability.

Our secret is the combination of technological innovation, knowledge and passion for achieving excellence and superiority at all levels.

Our main activity is focused on the field of:

• Design, development and design of custom software;

• Design, implementation and testing of IT systems, software and electronic services;

• Design, development and maintenance of websites;

• SEO - search engine optimization;

• Service and maintenance of hardware;

Our products:

1. MathTBox Class (Fast Fourier Transform - FFT):

If you need to compute Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in .NET you can choose among many libraries. In order to use them properly, however, you should have a strong background in mathematics. Many developers, for example, have a hard time to decide how to scale the output of the FFT routine(s) for to obtain the correct amplitude spectrum, or how to extract the corresponding frequencies. Similar problems occur if one wants to compute the IFFT or tries to code some kind of frequency domain filter. As C# and VB developers with many years of experience in the industry we have seen how such difficulties can consume many hours of working time.

Wouldn't it be much easier if you could pass to the FFT-function an array of doubles containing the sampled time domain signal as a parameter and get the resulting FFT in just one line of code? And all the amplitudes come out correctly scaled?

Well search no more! MathToolBox for .NET is here to help you.

It is VERY well documented. Has example code in C# and soon in VB.NET. Is free to download. Has no royalty fees for the resulting code distribution.

Oh wait a minute there is more? - it comes packed with inverse FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)? which is just as easy to use?

Keep on reading you'll see!

You don't by any chance included two dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) - which is also easy to call?

Of course we did and even we included inverse 2 dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)!

OH Cool! tell me where to try it!

You can download it for free in the bottom of the page, BUT wait a minute there is even more.

What more could I need?

How about filter? BAND PASS, LOW PASS, HIGH PASS? Just as easily accessed? One line of code?

You don't say?!?

Oh we say! You can filter out unwanted frequencies from your signal just as easily as Hello World, see

the examples below.

Finally we have included some polynomial fitting routines which may come in handy when you start charting your results.

Ok you have me now what should I do to use this toolbox?

Just register in the site download the library and buy installations - the entire process is automated. Also take a look at the FAQ page if you have any additional questions.

MathTBox Class.

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2. EzForecasting Class:

Forecasting based on the analysis time series is used for many applications such as sales, supply chain, earthquakes, workload projections and others. The field of the time series analysis has been evolving at a fast pace in the past decades. A vast amount of univariate, multivariate, linear and nonlinear models and procedures have been developed. On the one hand, the complexity of the arising problems often requires the supervision of an expert, adept at the art and science of time series analysis. On the other hand, in many cases an automatic approach is unavoidable or desired. This could be the case when a large number of series have to be analyzed, or when for practical reasons the same method has to be applied to all series, or when the results must be reproducible. The automated predictions are often used as a reference or as a starting point for an analysis supervised by an expert. An automated procedure has to fulfill various requirements. It has to be sufficiently accurate, fast, robust, cheap and easy to use. Furthermore the results have to be easy to interpret and reproduce. As .NET developers for the industry, we quite often have to deal with customers asking about such automated time series analysis. As we do not feel that the available solutions fully meet the aforementioned requirements, we dared to take the big challange and develop our own class for time series prediction. So now the time has come and we can present the result of this project: the EzForecasting-class.

EzForecasting Class:

June 28, 2015


1 General remarks

The EzForecasting class implements prediction of the future values of time series in terms of a finite number of past values. The forecasting algorithm does not depend on any particular process model (e.g. AR, MA, ARMA etc.) and is applicable to every time series, which is or can be reduced to stationary.EzForecasting Class

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MathTBox Library for .NET 


EzForecasting Class


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